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Sunday 18 February


11am Parish Mass | Pro populo

6pm Said Mass and Benediction | Charmaine George

Monday 19 February                        


7pm Mass | David Woolf

Tuesday 20 February 


12 noon Mass | Sue Beard

Wednesday 21 February 

Feria (S. Peter Damian)
8am Mass | Farnborough Abbey

2.30pm Mass at Maitland Park| The Residents

Thursday 22 February 

The Chair of S. Peter

12 noon Mass | Fr Paschal Worton

Friday 23 February 

Feria (S. Polycarp)
7pm Mass | S.S.C.

7.30pm Stations of the Cross

Saturday 24 February  


No Mass

Next Sunday 25 February 


11am Parish Mass | Pro populo

6pm Said Mass and Benediction

Confessions: by appointment only



TODAY after Mass there will, as usual, be coffee and tea in the Church Hall and we hope you will be able to stay. It is very good to have Fr Luke Miller back with us this morning. 

LENT has begun very well: the numbers at Mass on Ash Wednesday were good and I hope this is a sign of our intention to use this time of grace to grow in our love of God. Remember that there will be Stations of the Cross every Friday at 7.30pm at S. Silas and there is still a Mass nearly every day. 

THE WEEKEND PILGRIMAGE TO WALSINGHAM from our Parish is from 26-28 July this year. We have 20 places booked and these will be on a first come, first served basis. It costs £200 with reduced rates for children and families and the price includes travel and full board whilst we are there. We leave S. Silas at lunchtime on Friday and are back home on Sunday evening. If you would like to go and would struggle to afford this, please have a word with Fr Matthew. Please sign the list at the back of Church and give your deposits to Lesley. A deposit of £30 secures you a place on the Pilgrimage. 

ON OUR APPROACH TO SIN AND FORGIVENESS, FR TIMOTHY RADCLIFFE WRITES: To be fully alive is to be able to hope, and to forgive. The Eucharist is an audacious expression of hope in defiance of a world that seems bent on its destruction. But to live fully with hope now, in this doom-laden time, we need also to forgive. We begin every Eucharist by remembering our sins and asking for forgiveness. This is an odd way to start a celebration! The cup blessed at the Last Supper was "the new and eternal covenant poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins". Approaching the climax, we behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Judaism and Islam both believe in a merciful God, but Christianity is unique in having forgiveness at its very heart. But here we come to a difficulty. Many young people are not attracted to a religion which goes on and on about sin. People do not want to come to church to be told that they are terrible sinners and so need forgiveness. It sounds crushing and depressing. Life is tough enough without always being told that I am a sinner. It is as if you have first to convince people that their clothes are dirty so that they will buy your brand of washing powder. Which is why we have to teach forgiveness by our lives. 

MANY THANKS for the crib collection this year which raised £320 for the work of Mary's Meals. 

PLEASE PRAY FOR those caught up in the war in the Middle East and in Ukraine; for all who teach and learn in our school; for the sick commended to us - Carly Mitchell, Jan Sadler, David Woolf, Leonard Hearne, Su Beard, Jeff Cridland (Pr), Caroline Essl, Hector Chisholm, Stephen Doyle, Peter Hearn, Jackie Taylor, Patricia Stephenson, Doreen Moodie, Peter Piddock, lan Macgregor, Gabi Cancello, Una Wade, Charmaine George, Veronica Lavin, Amber Arthurs, Julia Power, John Nelson, Kay Farrell, Carlos Stinson, John Nix, Joyce Nix, Gill Bell, Brenda Yadzi, Dennis Holmes, Michael Trodd, Rosemary Mallard, Toni Disbury, Pauline Ansley, Pam Ansley, Gary McNeill, Jim Reeves; for all who have died especially Beatrice Hart, Ada Cockram, Lillian Matthews, Mavis Browne, Lucienne Bilbault, Jessie Roberts, Esther Cross, Constance Chaplin, Ethel Atkinson, Basil Charlesworth, George Lombardini (Anniversaries). 



The church is open during the week and weekends during mass times.

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